The Next Going Medieval Update Is All About Beauty

Would you say you're a skilled interior decorator? The next major Going Medieval update sure hopes you are.

Published: January 16, 2023 9:46 AM /


A settlement viewed from an aerial perspective in Going Medieval

A new Going Medieval developer blog has been released, detailing a rather intriguing new system coming to the game in the next major update. The devs are calling the new system "Beauty and Comfort", and it's adding bonuses for making rooms attractive and comfortable for your settlers.

Over on SteamGoing Medieval developer Foxy Voxel goes into detail regarding its upcoming system. First off, every single thing in the game will be assigned an "Aesthetic Value", which indicates how attractive or unattractive it is. Items and resources will have different Aesthetic Values depending on where they're placed; for instance, items will have different values if they're on a rack, equipped, or just lying on a pile somewhere.

Other things, like plants, animals, and, of course, settlers themselves, will also have Aesthetic Values assigned to them. The more a settler's Aesthetic stat rises (which can be achieved by being in places with high Aesthetic Values), the more of a mood boost they will receive.

A room being assessed for its aesthetic value in the next Going Medieval update
Certain rooms in Going Medieval will have "impressiveness levels" assigned to them in the next update.

Some rooms, like bedrooms, shrines, and great halls, will have what Foxy Voxel calls "impressiveness levels" after the next Going Medieval update. These levels will be calculated based on how much space is in the room, how much wealth is on display, and the Aesthetic Value of the room. If settlers do things in these rooms, they'll get mood boosts.

These boosts are also tied to the new Comfort stat, which increases depending on how comfortable settlers are when they do things. For instance, if a settler prays on a rug instead of on bare floor, they'll get a Comfort boost. As such, new furniture is also being introduced to accommodate the Comfort stat. You can check out a full list of patch notes right here, since the next update is currently live on Going Medieval's experimental branch. Hopefully, we'll get a full release of the update soon.

Going Medieval is available right now on PC via Steam and GOG. Want to make the most of your settlement? Check out our Going Medieval guides for info on research, food, and much more.

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