Next eFootball 2022 Update Will Address Issues, Konami Says

Published: October 8, 2021 2:23 PM /


Next eFootball 2022 Update Fixes Issues Feedback cover

The next eFootball 2022 update will fix many of the issues players have reported on launch according to Konami, but you'll have to wait until the end of October for eFootball 2022 Update 0.9.1.

The eFootball franchise hasn't been doing so hot lately. Last year, we learned that the 2021 edition would likely be more of a DLC than a full release. Then, Konami said that this year's early launch of the next eFootball game would effectively be a demo.

Those tiny hiccups pale in comparison to the franchise's most recent launch. eFootball 2022 launched a little over a week ago and rapidly became one of the most negatively-rated games on Steam due to a slew of balance problems and technical issues. Konami apologized for the issues, and now they've followed up with details on their plan of action.

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Next eFootball 2022 Update 0.9.1 Focuses on 'Fixing the Issues Already Reported'

The next eFootball 2022 update will address many of the problems that players have already reported according to Konami. While eFootball 2022 Update 0.9.1 is aiming to fix a lot, it may not address all of the problems with the game.

"We apologise for any inconveniences you may have experienced with the game," read a tweet from Konami. "We are preparing to release version 0.9.1. of eFootball 2022 on 28th October. This will focus on fixing the issues already reported and those you continue to report."

Unfortunately, this announcement doesn't provide specific details on the contents of the next eFootball 2022 update. Presumably, Konami will be spending the next few weeks figuring out what it can reasonably fix in the next patch and what will have to wait for subsequent patches.

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When is the eFootball 2022 Update Release Date?

The next eFootball 2022 Update release date is October 28, 2021. Hopefully, this update will fix some of the worst problems that players have experienced to date.

eFootball 2022 has undeniably had a shaky launch and it looks like Konami is taking the massive influx of player complaints to heart. For now, you can play eFootball 2022 for free on PC and consoles -- but it may be best to wait for Update 0.9.1 to drop later this month.

What do you think of the state of eFootball 2022 at launch? Do you think Konami should have delayed the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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