The Next The Crew Game Might Have Just Leaked

Due to an enterprising user on Reddit, we might now know what the next The Crew game is.

Published: September 24, 2021 10:49 AM /


The Crew

Due to an enterprising Reddit user called /u/RacingGameGuru0300, we might now know what the next The Crew game is. Given that it's been three years since The Crew 2 was released, it makes sense that the next The Crew title is coming soonish. There have been major updates since the game's release and there's definitely an audience for this series, so it makes sense that a new title is eventually coming. What is it? Read on to find out.

What's the next The Crew game about?

Originally it was called The Crew 2: Orlando because it was a DLC for The Crew 2. /u/RacingGameGuru0300 did some data mining and discovered that there are some in-game screenshots in The Crew 2 files, which tell us a bit of what we can expect from the next title in the series.

As you might expect from the title, it's set in Orlando. Players will be able to take part in a 'Massive Race' which means that players will be able to race in a crew vs crew race of up to 100 players. During three different sections of the race, you'll be able to change your vehicle, which is interesting. The screenshots also mention that teamwork is needed to win, which makes sense, and that you can get a pickup bonus from filling all the crewmate's gauges, which is a good way to softly enforce teamwork. 

Crew Racing
A potentially leaked screenshot of The Crew 2: Orlando.

There's also mention of an All-Star game mode, which presumably would be a Battle Royale of sorts. Not unexpected considering how PUBG originally sold 10 million copies in less than six months. That's a lot of dosh.

Noted leaker Tom Henderson also tweeted about this probable leak, stating that "Project ORLANDO by Ubisoft Ivory Tower has leaked on Reddit", commenting that it's a new game with a new driving engine that's currently in pre-Alpha.

Since that's extremely early in the game's development, it looks like it'll be a while until we get more info.

Ubisoft is currently facing a lawsuit from a union over the treatment of employees, and the employees also accuse management of avoiding the issues over the past year.

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