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Next The Ascent Update Detailed by Neon Giant

September 29, 2021 3:13 PM

By: Robert N. Adams


Neon Giant and Curve Digital have teased the next The Ascent update, promising players a number of fixes and improvements to the co-op action RPG on PC and consoles.

The Ascent was first announced at Inside Xbox over a year ago. Players are sent into a cyberpunk dystopia and are charged with taking down rival corporations by any means necessary. Neon Giant had a lot of work to do to build this impressive world, but it looked like it paid off: the game racked up over $5 million in launch weekend sales.




It's been a few months since The Ascent first launched and players have been hungry for fixes and new content. Now, its developer has revealed that a new patch is on the way -- and it's going to fix some of the more annoying bugs and issues that have been plaguing players.

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What's Coming in the Next The Ascent Update?

The content in the next The Ascent update has been prioritized based on feedback from the players. A teaser of some of the changes has been shared by Neon Giant; it bears mentioning that this is by no means an exhaustive account of what's coming in this patch.

Several of the fixes include issues with quests including "Mutual Dependencies," "Data Miner," and "Trace Protocol." An issue with the "Comprehensive" achievement has been fixed, and Neon Giant is exploring fixes for the "Win," "For Both Our Benefits," and "Omnihacker" achievements as well.



Another key part of the next The Ascent update is improvements to performances. These include:

  • Windows 10 performance improvements
  • A fix for raytracing not working correctly on Windows 10 machines
  • "Various co-op fixes" including issues with elevators and disconnections
  • Various visual, audio, and translation fixes

You can read the Steam Community news post for all the details on the changes and fixes coming in the next patch. If you haven't yet jumped into the action yourself, you can buy The Ascent for PC and Xbox via its official website at the price of $29.99 or your regional equivalent. The Ascent is also available as part of Xbox Game Pass.

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