Newest Reveals for Pokémon Sun and Moon include Mimikyu, Bewear

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon Reveal

It's a new month, and that means Nintendo is releasing new monsters, and some new features for Pokémon Sun and Moon

First up are the monsters themselves, which feature a crop of six new Pokémon to collect and battle with. The two standouts include two previously leaked Pokémon, Mimikyu and Bewear.

Bewear is a Normal/Fighting-type who is so powerful, people and Pokémon fear it immensely. Bewear comes equipped with the Klutz and Fluffy abilities, a new ability that directly halves all damage it takes, except for Fire-type attacks that do double damage against it. 

Mimikyu is getting the most love out of the entire crop of new Pokémon. A Ghost/Fairy type, Mimikyu is given a tragic backstory, and is said to be a very lonely being who thought it could make friends with people if it looked like a Pikachu. The design of Mimikyu is essentially a Pikachu Halloween costume and it has the disguise ability, which allows it to take no damage from one attack.

The other four Pokémon revealed for Sun and Moon include the Hawaiian Lei Comfey, a Fairy-type with the abilities Flower Veil and Triage, which gives HP restoring moves boosted priority. We also have Wimpod, a Bug/Water-type with the new ability Wimp Out, which causes Wimpod to flee a battle or switch with a team member if they take more than half damage.

My personal favorite of the bunch, Mudsdale, is a Ground-type horse that has the Own Tempo and Stamina ability, which raises Mudsdales attack whenever it takes a physical hit. Finally, there is Bounsweet, a Grass-type with the abilities Leaf Guard and Oblivious.

Along with the new Pokémon, the video also showed off a preview of new features for Sun and Moon. The first is a change in the Pokémon Global Link to include new online hosting features, so players can host their own public and private tournaments and competitions. 

The second new feature is called Hyper Training, which apparently maxes out the IV's of any level 100 Pokémon. Not many details are known about Hyper Training at this time, other than a character named Mr. Hyper can max out their IVs, and will do so if you trade him bottle caps. As an added bonus, Magearna will be released with a bottle cap as a held item, to give players a quick edge to Hyper Train any Pokémon they wish.

Pokémon Sun and Moon is scheduled for a November 18th release on the 3DS.

So what do you think about the new monsters? How about private, customized tournaments or hyper training? Leave your comments below. 

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