New Xbox Game Like Monster Hunter Reportedly in Development

Published: January 27, 2022 4:07 PM /


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Xbox and Certain Affinity are reportedly working on a new co-op game similar in the style of Monster Hunter according to multiple sources.

The one-two punch of Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter Rise have proven to be a massive success for Capcom. Although these two games have subtle differences, they've nonetheless proven to be wildly popular -- Monster Hunter: World helped Capcom have its most profitable year ever back in 2018 and Monster Hunter Rise recently announced that it sold 8 million units.

These phenomenal sales have contributed to another banner year for Capcom; the company recently announced that its net sales were up 35.9% year-over-year. That kind of success doesn't go unnoticed by other publishers, and a pair of new reports indicate that Microsoft is looking to encroach on this space with its own take on this kind of gameplay.

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What We Know About 'Project Suerte,' Microsoft's Take on Monster Hunter

Earlier today, Jeff Grubb's Grubbsnax podcast talked about rumors of Microsoft working on a game like Monster Hunter with game developer Certain Affinity at the help.

"They’re working with Certain Affinity on what seems like a Monster Hunter style game – a Monster Hunter clone," Jeff Grubb said as reported by VGC. "They see this gameplay style succeeding, and Microsoft’s like, 'hey, we should try to make one of those, is anyone out there going to pitch one?'"

In addition to Jeff Grubb's report, Windows Central has heard tell of the same project. This upcoming game is supposedly codenamed "Project Suerte" and will feature co-op battles against gigantic monsters. This game has reportedly been in development since 2020 and is aiming for a 2023 reveal followed by a 2024 release.

Certain Affinity is perhaps best known for its work co-developing games in the Halo franchise, although its Careers page indicates that it's expanding into original games of its own in the future.

"We're best known for co-developing numerous AAA FPS games, though now we are creating compelling new games of our own," read multiple job listings on Certain Affinity's Careers page. We're always on the lookout for amazing talent to join our team."

Reports from multiple sources are a good indicator of their veracity; that said, always take a rumor with a grain of salt.  Nothing can be predicted with certainty, not even the rumored reveal and release dates -- after all, the last two years have been jam-packed with game delays due to the chaos of the pandemic.

Would you want to play a Monster Hunter-style game created by Certain Affinity? What's your favorite game in the Monster Hunter franchise? Let us know in the comments below!

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