New World Update 1.1.1 Fixes Yet More Bugs

New World update 1.1.1 is live, and you guessed it, this one's all about bug fixes

Published: December 1, 2021 8:07 AM /


Players hunting in New World

New World update 1.1.1 is upon us, and once again, it's focusing on fixing a whole bunch of bugs. Glitches pertaining to elemental enemies, horticultural gear, and crafting have been fixed, so your experience in Aeternum should be a touch smoother now.

What's in New World update 1.1.1?

After several major economy-breaking bugs in New World were fixed recently, update 1.1.1 is, in Amazon's words, focused on resolving issues that have "arisen from [the] November update". Major changes include the removal of elemental motes as gathering rewards from elemental creatures. Amazon says these enemies are "more frequent" than originally intended, which resulted in an imbalance in resource distribution. Elemental enemies will still drop motes, but you won't get them from harvesting enemies anymore.

An elemental monster in New World
Elemental monsters in New World won't drop motes when you harvest them anymore.

There's also a fix for a bug that rather humorously (although not for the players affected by it, we're sure) removed horticultural gear from the game, accidentally classing it as "future content". If your horticultural gear was removed, you should find a new Rewards Chest containing a full set of horticulture armor at the highest tier you've acquired in the past. You'll also find a fix for a jewel crafting bug, in which recipes weren't giving enough XP, as well as a fix for players not being able to obtain the Lumberjack achievement. Here's hoping AGS hasn't been overzealous and accidentally buffed hatchets again, given how useful they are to lumberjacks.

Will this New World update stabilize or break the game?

It's worth taking a look at the full New World patch notes if you want to see everything that's new. Other fixes include tweaks to the Void Gauntlet, some technical server stuff, and a fix to the Trading Post. Hopefully, this bug doesn't cause the New World economy to crash yet again; given the recent uptick in bot activity, that's something Amazon's MMO can scarcely afford.

A miner in New World
Pictured: Amazon Game Studios slowly chipping away at all of the New World bugs and glitches uncovered in recent months.

What New World really needs now is a lengthy period of relative stability. In the months since the game's launch, it's been riven with glitches and bugs. Most of them have been serious or game-breaking. These include one that rendered players completely immobile, as well as a more recent one that accidentally gifted individual players hundreds of thousands of gold, effectively shattering the in-game economy. We'll have to wait and see if Amazon can claw back some semblance of dignity for New World with future updates. Until then, you can grab the game on Steam right now if you're so inclined.

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