New World Microtransactions And More Datamined

Dataminers have revealed details about New World microtransactions, as well as weapon skills, armor skins, and more

Published: August 2, 2021 9:34 AM /


A character mining for materials in New World

Enterprising dataminers have unearthed information about what you can expect from New World microtransactions. The datamine also includes sneak peeks of armor skins, weapon abilities, and plenty more that could be on its way to the Amazon MMO.

What will New World microtransactions offer?

The New World datamine is a pretty sizable one, and it comes courtesy of Reddit user m4rx. The stuff on offer via microtransactions looks pretty standard for the most part; there are a lot of weapon and armor skins, as well as consumable gear dye, pets, outfits, and more. You can also buy in-game currency called Marks of Fortune, although it's not clear whether this is just for cosmetic upgrades or if you'll be able to buy game-boosting items with it as well. The datamine also revealed that there could be an optional New World Steam subscription, although we don't yet know what that could mean for the game or what it could entail for players. These microtransactions seem to reflect the New World devs' assurances that they won't sell in-game boosts until 2022, so players can breathe a sigh of relief...for now.

A player with a cool armor set in New World
Lots of armor skins have been datamined in New World, and many of them are at least as cool as this one.

What else has the New World datamine revealed?

It's not just details about microtransactions. The New World datamine has also revealed lots of other information about features and cosmetics you may be able to experience in the finished game. While several of the "new weapons" datamined could, in fact, simply be variants or reskins, the Void Gauntlet looks like the real deal. You can check out the list of its datamined abilities right here. Being able to summon a void sword sounds pretty awesome, so we're hoping this one makes it into the closed beta.

Some of the armor sets datamined in New World
Some of New World's armor sets are more prosaic than others, but they're all richly detailed. Images courtesy of Reddit user m4rx.

In addition to this new weapon, m4rx also found lots of new armor skins in New World's game files. After a little work, they were able to grab images of what those armor sets look like. Some of them - such as the Runic sets and the Pirate set - look fairly familiar, albeit with New World's unique visual twist on them. Others, like the Twitch-exclusive Corrupted armor or the Aegis of Providence set, look pretty outlandish in a cool fantasy way. You can take a look at those datamined armor sets here. Lastly, m4rx was able to obtain an image that looks like it might be a frame for a minimap.

When will we get to experience this content in New World?

It's worth remembering, as m4rx rightly states, that these are all files currently contained within the New World closed beta directory. There's no guarantee they'll actually make it into the game, so try not to get too attached to an armor set or weapon ability. With that said, there's a good chance we might see these features in the game soon, whether that's in closed beta or when the finished product launches.

 New World is currently in closed beta, but you can pre-order it on Steam for when the full game launches on August 31st. Amazon Studios' MMORPG has proven wildly popular, with a peak of around 191k players on Steam and 700k viewers on Twitch. New World was the top-selling game last week on Steam, too, which isn't bad going for a title that hasn't even fully launched yet. Looks like Amazon Studios' inaugural MMO is going to have a good run of it.

Are you participating in the New World closed beta? Will you pick the game up when it launches? Let us know in the comments below!

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