New Valkyria Project Teased by Sega, Reveal Set for November 20th

Published: November 13, 2017 5:15 PM /


valkyria project teaser

Sega has created a teaser website for their new Valkyria project, with more information to come later this month, on November 20th. The barren website has no information currently, but according to the official Valkyria Twitter, the website will update at 12:00 pm Japan Time, which is 10:00 PM for those in EST. Both the website and Twitter also confirm a worldwide release of the next Valkyria game. This has been the case for every Valkyria game except Valkyria Chronicles III and the mobile-only Valkyria Chronicles D.

Even after the lukewarm reception of Valkyria Revolution, Media.Vision clearly has not given up on the series. As we reported late last year, Media.Vision did confirm that the original Valkyira Chronicles saga would continue after the release of Valkyria Revolution. It would not be unreasonable to think that the latest Valkyria Project would return to the turn-based elements of the Chronicles games, rather than the action combat of Revolution. Of course, a mobile game isn't entirely out of the question, though one would expect Sega to bring a more household name to mobile phones worldwide. No matter the platform, we'll know more once the full announcement comes out on November 20th.

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Quick Take

With the announcement of the new Valkyria project, it begs the question: where do Sega and Media.Vision go from here? There's nothing to suggest Media.Vision won't return to the formula found in Valkyria Chronicles, which many would appreciate. Yet clearly they tried something new with Revolution, and while the ideas were there, its execution left much to be desired. Personally, I would like to see the gameplay systems from Chronicles combine with better storytelling and characters. Hopefully, with this new announcement, the Valkyria ship is able to right itself. 

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