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New Tower of Fantasy Trailer Shows Off Open World Exploration

July 11, 2022

By: Samantha Plaisance


Level Infinite and Perfect World have released another trailer for their newest upcoming game, Tower of Fantasy, and it is the first in a series of trailers to come. This one in particular showcases the jogging feature and the vast open-world players are eager to explore. 


Though the trailer itself is brief, it shows off quite a bit of the content that's in store. The different characters available all jog through the expansive open-world setting, while the environment changes drastically in the background.

The first character starts on a beautiful beach, running through the crystal blue waters, whereas the next character is running on the roadway alongside a massive island filled with high peaks and plateaus. The scenes go on to show another beachy sand-filled area, a snow-covered frosty cliffside, and ending with a stunning forest and meadow blooming with life.


This RPG takes place on a human-made planet called Aida, where they have built the Tower of Fantasy to mine very powerful energy called Omnium from the Mara comet. The humans who are filled with greed at the thought of this powerful energy will inevitably face their downfall, as it contains much more power than they thought possible.

The game seems to be filled with a lot of customization, such as weapons, armor, and several characters to choose from who all have different abilities to utilize. On top of this comes several cool features like the ability to play with friends, a vast world filled with immaculate landscapes, and what looks like the use of alien-like technology.


Tower of Fantasy was released for a closed beta in April of 2022, which ended on June 26, 2022. The full release of the game is set for August 11, 2022. Those who would like to learn about all the game has to offer can do so at the official ToF website.

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