New Switch Owners Should Update Before Christmas

Published: December 20, 2021 11:40 AM /


Nintendo Switch

It's a tale as old as time: you receive a new console for Christmas and you're ecstatic. Finally, you can play all those cool exclusives and other games you've heard so much about as a new Switch owner! You're super hyped... until you discover you can't sign in to your new console or access its online services. Why? Because it's Christmas and millions of people are trying to do the exact same thing.

This year, Nintendo is trying to be proactive and warn new Switch owners, which is good. Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and many more games are waiting, and you'll undoubtedly want to download them and play them as soon as possible.

How did Nintendo do this? Well, Nintendo Japanese customer service account put the word out that if you want to have fun this weekend, you should do your homework first:

This weekend, we are expecting a concentrated access on the Nintendo Account server, and it may cause things like being unable to immediately create Nintendo Accounts.

We recommend people who plan to use the Nintendo Switch Family feature for the first time to create their own [accounts] beforehand.

This makes sense. I personally (along with millions of other gamers) have received consoles for Christmas in the past and have been super excited to try them out... only to be forced to wait hours or even a day or two to properly experience them. If you've purchased a Switch for another getting it powered on, connected to the internet, and loading games from their cases early will allow you to hop right into playing this weekend.

This also goes for Steam, Xbox, and PlayStation as well. If you have a console or PC going out for Christmas and you know the recipient is going to want to start gaming right away, you should consider setting everything up first just in case. You never know.

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What do you think of this news? Have you received a console on Christmas day and couldn't access its online services? If so, what console? Let us know in the comments!