New Steam Quiz Feature in Development for Sale Pages

Published: May 13, 2022 3:36 PM /


Steam Quiz Feature cover

A new Steam Quiz feature is in development for Valve's digital distribution platform, although it's not yet clear what it will be used for in the future.

Steam is one of the most popular (if not the most popular) digital distribution services for PC games in the Western world. Other companies have tried and failed to launch their own independent services, but Steam remains king; most recently, Bethesda shut down its own launcher and migrated all of its content to Steam. Now, it looks like a new feature may be making its way to Steam: quizzes.

Steam Quiz Feature slice.jpg
SteamDB lists an interesting new bit of code showing that a new Quiz feature is in development for Steam.

How the Steam Quiz Feature Would Work

The Steam Quiz feature was highlighted by SteamDB creator Pavel "xPaw" Djundik on the service's official Discord. The new code additions are shown on GitHub, and it certainly looks pretty interesting.

Here's the relevant section of new code:

1541 "Sale_Section_Quiz": "Quiz",
1542 "Sale_Section_Quiz_Desc": "Create one or more localized questions and answers. Each question or answer can have an video associated with it.",
1543 "Sale_Section_Quiz_Incr_Reveal": "Incrementally reveal the next questions as previous questions are answered.",
1544 "Sale_Section_Quiz_Reveal_Footer": "Optional footer image displayed at the bottom of the questions when there are more questions to reveal.",
1545 "Sale_Section_Quiz_AddQuestion": "Add New Question",
1546 "Sale_Section_Quiz_AddAnswer": "Add New Answer",
1547 "Sale_Section_Quiz_QuestionPlaceholder": "Write question here.",
1548 "Sale_Section_Quiz_AnswerPlaceholder": "Write answer here.",
1549 "Sale_Section_Quiz_QuestionTitle": "Questions:",
1550 "Sale_Section_Quiz_AnswerTitle": "Answers:",
1551 "Sale_Section_Quiz_SetupVideo": "Edit Associate Video",
1552 "Sale_Section_Quiz_Video": "Video Associated",
1553 "Sale_Section_Quiz_CorrectAnswer": "Correct Answer?",
1554 "Sale_Section_Quiz_DefaultWrongAnswerVideo": "Set Default Wrong Answer Video",
1555 "Sale_Section_Quiz_DefaultWrongAnswerVideo_ttip": "Will play this video if a user selects the wrong answer. This can be overriden per wrong answer if there is a custom wrong answer response that needs to be supplied.",
1556 "EventEditor_Video": "Video",

This new feature would allow developers to create "one or more localized questions and answers" for a Steam page. A video can be associated with each question or answer. This would allow developers to make fun reaction videos (such as a game character mocking you for a wrong answer) or reveal exclusive content such as a code to unlock something in a game.

At the moment, it's unclear if this new Steam Quiz feature will be used for Steam Store pages, developer-created sale pages, platform-wide sale pages, or some mix of the three. It's important to note that this feature is in development and hasn't yet been publicly revealed; we can't really say how this will be implemented until it's actually used on Steam (and that's if it's used at all).