New Star Wars: The Old Republic Expansion Announced

Published: October 6, 2014 4:25 PM /



Bioware has just announced the fourth expansion pack for Star Wars: The Old Republic, which features the return of Revan, a very popular character from Knights of the Old Republic.

The expansion focuses on Revan's aim to destroy both the Empire and the Republic, with players tasked to stop him before he achieves his goal. Shadow of Revan is the newest digital-only expansion for the popular MMO, which will be released December 2nd. New features include an increase of the level cap to 60, two new worlds to explore, new Flashpoints and Operations, a new Discipline system, and a new fully voiced storyline for players to take part in.

The two new worlds mentioned are Rishi and Yavin 4, which will be open for players to explore and conquer. Rishi is where players will start their new odyssey, which players will find a "dangerous pirate haven at the edge of the galaxy." Sounds like a place where Han Solo would be right at home.

Be sure to bring some sunscreen.

Yavin 4, which was seen in Star Wars: Episode IV, will be the next destination for touring players. Featured on this planet are the Massassai Warriors, who eagerly await players who are bold enough to visit their planet. The warrior pictured below will be in an unspecified Flashpoint for high level players.

He definitely looks angry.

For those looking to pre-order, Bioware is offering some nice incentives. Bioware is offering subscribers a 12x experience boost to level 55 to those who are eager to prepare for the next expansion. If you also pre-order by November 2nd, Bioware is also offering a seven-day headstart for players who are ready to take the $20 plunge. If you pre-order by December 1st, the first expansion Rise of the Hutt Cartel will be included for free, as well as a large statue of Revan for players who wish to customize their Strongholds.

The expansion is out December 2nd.


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