New Star Wars Arcade Machine, Star Wars Battle Pod

October 9, 2014 9:57 AM

By: Sam Mcarthur-Mclean


In a somewhat surprising reveal Bandia Namco have announced a new Star Wars arcade machine, Star Wars Battle Pod. The game will be a single seat vehicle combat sim that will allow you to experience battles from the original trilogy. You'll be able to participate in battles such as Hoth, Endor and more.

The Machine will have a 180-degree domed screen and seat that reacts to explosions for what seems will be an incredibly immersive experience.





It does seem odd to try and release a new arcade machine in a era where people claim the arcade is dead, but it would appear Bandia Namco have gone all out in trying to make a truly immersive gaming experience for fans of the original trilogy.



The game is currently on show in New York at Midtown Dave & Busters and will be there until Nov. 2. It will hit American arcades in January before releasing worldwide.




Source: Trailer

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