New Silent Hill Game Aborted?

Published: April 26, 2015 9:41 PM /



Recently, the demo game PT, or Playable Teaser, was set to be removed from the Playstation store on April 29th. The brief yet well received offering was meant to be a trailer for an upcoming new Silent Hill game. This removal in and of itself was not especially worrying, but now a flurry of tweets from those associated with the project have indicated that it may never see the light of day. Combining this with the very public falling out between project developer Konami and designer Hideo Kojima, the fate of Silent Hills seems to hang in the balance.

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Kojima was slated to co-direct the successor to the famous line of survival horror masterworks along with Guillermo Del Toro, the well-known progenitor of such films as Pacific Rim. Last March saw Kojima set to depart Konami under uncertain circumstances. Now that he could be leaving the company much sooner than the development of this game was meant to be finished, it's possible that Konami have been unable to secure another suitable director to take over the project in his absence. Del Toro recently hinted that his collaboration with the project might have had ended as well.

Given these high-profile uncertanties, Konami may have made the decision to cut their losses early rather than try to reorganize their assets. No official statement is yet forthcoming however, so perhaps they are only choosing new faces to go along with the development. It seems unlikely in either event, however, given that PT inspired resounding success online from only it's brief demo, and the Silent Hill IP is known to be a favorite worldwide. Why end a project that looks so promising, or jeopardize it with sudden upheaval?

We at Techraptor have reached out to Konami regarding recent comments from Del Toro at the San Francisco Film Festival regarding his involvement on the project and it's ongoing viability. Until more is known for certain, we can only speculate as to whether this game is just messily reorganizing it's pieces, or has ended up in the sink.

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