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Sekai Project, the publisher responsible for bringing a slew of visual novels from Japan to the West, has announced three new titles for their library. The announcement was made at the Anime Weekend Atlanta event, and includes brief synopses of the titles. No release dates have been confirmed at this point, though all three will be available exclusively for the PC.


First up is Serment Contract with a Devil, following the Japanese trend of abstract naming conventions. Serment utilizes a hybrid gameplay system, calling upon elements of dungeon-crawling RPGs and dating sim time management, in addition to the core visual novel structure. The story follows one of four girls who were spared from death by a devil, on the condition of repaying a monetary debt to their savior. Turn-based combat and a range of minigames serve to complement the narrative delivery.


Falsetto Memories opts for a more straightforward approach, focusing more on delivering a gripping, emotional narrative. This character-driven journey follows Yuuki, a young girl from a small village as she tries to follow her dreams of studying music in Tokyo. Along the way, she learns about herself, her friends, and her world. Exactly how her journey unfolds remains to be seen, but it’s certainly shaping up to be an engaging story.


Finally, Project Lux throws a bit of a curve ball, introducing VR to the visual novel genre. In a futuristic court case, the player is tasked with examining the memory data of Lux, the defendant. How this functions, and how it ties in to the progression of the narrative is unknown, but the concept is definitely unique. The case centers around Lux, an artist tasked with creating data for cyberbrains, with the player seeking the truth by reliving her memory data.

More details on each of these titles will be unveiled in the near future.

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