New Screenshots from Infamous: Second Son


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New Screenshots from Infamous: Second Son

March 17, 2014

By: Patrick Webb


Infamous: Second Son releases in just four days on PS4, March 21, 2014. A few gamers, cdkee, DrBo42 and Soi-Fong shared early screenshots of the game on

The studio, SuckerPunch, expressed their distaste with the leaked screenshots stating their disappointment last Friday.

 "We're a little disappointed that people are releasing unauthorized footage of the game online before it officially launches," the studio announced.
Regardless, the shots are up and we get to see exactly what the game looks like in its finalized form. The pictures below show some amazing lighting and texture resolution effects not yet seen on Next-Gen consoles.

SuckerPunch's Infamous Second Son in the first "true" Next-Gen game for PS4. All games prior have been made with the older generation in mind. Exclusively, this one is for the PS4 only. In an interview with IGN, SuckerPunch stated it wanted gamers to realize they made a smart choice in buying a PS4.

This game is on my Top 10 list as I have played the other two on PS3. The new antagonist/protagonist (depending on how you play) comes with his own set of powers and  unique storyline.


You can still pre-order the game at Amazon and get access to the rewards.

Thanks to Chris Scullion for the shots.

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