New Sakura Wars Slips Out of Fiscal Year 2019 Release Window

Published: November 2, 2018 9:30 AM /


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As noted by its absence in Sega's quarterly report, New Sakura Wars is no longer planned for a release in the fiscal year 2019. This news was first spotted by DualShockers and should come as no surprise, considering Sega has released very little information regarding the next Sakura Wars game. Indeed, Sega's website lacks any new information since our initial story ran back in mid-April, and the only information we had regarding the supposed March 31st, 2019 release was a footnote in Sega's last quarterly financial report. Several users and news reporters did spot that Sega was looking for staff members for New Sakura Wars, and potentially aiming for a release on both current and last-gen consoles.

Instead, the current financial report appendix only lists Yakuza 4 and Yakuza 5 for PS4, Puyo Puyo eSports for the Switch and PS4, Total War: Three Kingdoms for PCs, and Project Judge, still listed under its working title of the same name. It is worth noting that New Sakura Wars is not the only Sega title to be delayed in recent days, as Sonic Team Racing was also pushed back to May 2019, although with a bit more fanfare. With Sega pushing forward on the Yakuza remasters, the fourth of which is coming on January 17th, that would have left a very tight window for Sega to resurrect a series that has been effectively dead for over 10 years.

With so little information surrounding New Sakura Wars currently available, it could very well be until SegaFes 2019 until we see more of the tactical JRPG. Our initial story did spot Twitter user "MysticDistance" saying that New Sakura Wars is planned for a release in "2019 or later." As Sakura Wars is considered to be a precursor to the wildly successful Valkyria Chronicles games, it's possible Sega delayed the release in order to better accentuate the differences between the two series. Whatever the case, hopefully, we hear more from Sega soon about the status of New Sakura Wars.

Are you sad to hear that New Sakura Wars may not hit its original date? Does the lack of information worry you?


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