New Prodeus Update Adds New Maps And Music

Published: October 6, 2021 10:16 AM /


The player engaging in some high-octane action in Prodeus

If you've checked out retro boomer shooter Prodeus on PC and you're hungry for more, there's some good news for you today. A new Prodeus update is live across all the platforms the game is on, and it adds some brand new campaign maps and a bunch of brutal new music.

What's in the new Prodeus update?

Per a new Prodeus Steam announcement, you'll find four new levels to grapple with in the latest Prodeus campaign update, as well as a brand new Trials map for the Grenade weapon. Teasingly, developer Bounding Box only shows a single screenshot for each level, giving a general impression of what you can expect aesthetically. The new stages range from sinister industrial complexes through to alien halls and grand archways. You can take a look at the preview images Bounding Box showed off for the stages below.

Four of the new campaign levels in the latest Prodeus update
The new Prodeus update has lots to see, even if you've already delved into the campaign's mysteries.

That's not all, of course. There's also some new music to go with the extra campaign maps. As with the original Prodeus soundtrack, the new tunes are the work of Dusk and Quake Champions composer Andrew Hulshult. Given that Prodeus is a classic retro-style boomer shooter, you should know what to expect; brutal, crushing, crunching metal, and lots of it. What better way to soundtrack hacking your way through hordes of demons?

What's coming to Prodeus in the future?

In addition to the new maps and music, Bounding Box also announced the addition of a new member to the team: Iori Dyson, who's been brought on as a level designer. Dyson scored third place in the first Prodeus Mapcore level design competition, and he's already designed his first map for the team in the grand temple of Atonement. He's also worked on art for the Corruption and Trials: Grenade maps.

The new Trials: Grenade map in the latest Prodeus update
New Bounding Box hire Iori Dyson worked on art for the above Trials: Grenade level in Prodeus, as well as building one of the new campaign levels.

The future looks pretty bright for Prodeus. Bounding Box says that co-op testing is "coming along nicely", and the team hopes to reach a stable build for testing pretty soon. As well as this promising news, Bounding Box also says it's begun work on the next set of campaign maps. There's no time frame as to when we can expect those to drop, but you can see a quick preview of what they'll look like right here.

Four shots depicting work-in-progress levels in the shooter Prodeus
These images are tantalizing previews of what's coming to Prodeus next.

If you haven't already checked out Prodeus, you should do so right now, especially if you're into boomer shooters like DuskDoom, or Ion Fury. It launched in Early Access last year, and the devs say they're aiming for a full release either later this year or "when it's ready". You can grab it on Steam and GOG, and it's also part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

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Are you playing Prodeus? Looking forward to the new campaign maps? Let us know in the comments below!


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