New Prison Architect DLC Adds Gang Warfare And More

A brand new Prison Architect DLC pack has been announced, and it's adding gang warfare, the ability to reform gang members, and more

Published: June 1, 2022 11:12 AM /


A gang fight breaking out in the new Prison Architect DLC

Paradox and Double Eleven have announced a brand new Prison Architect DLC pack. Gangs will be the seventh major Prison Architect expansion and will add gang warfare, the ability to reform gang members, and a Boiling Point meter to track gang influence on your prison, plus lots more.

What will this Prison Architect DLC add to the game?

Per a press release, the new Gangs DLC for Prison Architect is, as you might expect, focused mainly on gang dynamics and culture. If you pick up the expansion, you'll notice gang members joining your prison population. Fights can break out between gangs, and powerful gangs can flex their influence over your prison, leading to an increase in the new Boiling Point meter. As this meter fills, your prison will grow more violent and agitated, so it'll give you a good shorthand view of what you need to do to keep order.

A full-on gang fight in the Prison Architect DLC Gangs
Gangs, the new Prison Architect DLC, adds even more chaos and disorder to your prison.

Of course, you'll be able to reform the gang members in your prison, divesting them of their gang affiliation and rehabilitating them. Given the power of gang organizations, though, you may find that they coerce or bribe your guards into allowing them to bring in contraband or carrying out other illegal activities. You'll need to keep an eye on your guard population to see which guards have turned and which ones are still loyal. Double Eleven's Gaz Wright says that although there is the potential for the Gangs DLC to be rather heavy, it still "keeps things fun and light-hearted" for Prison Architect fans. We don't have a release date for Gangs yet, but when it arrives, it'll be available on PC and consoles for $5.99. You can wishlist it on Steam right now too.

What is Prison Architect?

Prison Architect is a prison sim created by cult British developer Introversion Software, who sold the rights to the IP to Paradox Interactive and Double Eleven back in 2019. The game sees you managing a prison as its warden, taking care of the prison population and overseeing your staff. You can choose to build an easygoing and cushy prison where everyone has access to plenty of amenities, a brutal penitentiary with no mercy for its inmates, or anything in between. There's also a rather depressing and effective story campaign that doubles as a tutorial. A board game was also in the works until last year, when it was canceled.

Some gang members in the faith program in Prison Architect
Prison Architect allows you to reform gang members through a faith program and other options.

You can grab Prison Architect right now on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. If you're interested in what Introversion has been up to since selling the Prison Architect IP, the studio just announced a new game by the name of The Last Starship. It'll task you with building a spaceship and taking it into space to undergo a series of procedurally-generated missions. We'll bring you more on that game, as well as Prison Architect, as soon as we get it.

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