New Pokemon Similar to MissingNo. Revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield

Published: September 13, 2019 1:27 PM /


new pokemon glitch

A new Pokemon has been revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield .. sort of. You see, while this brand-new critter has indeed popped up on the game's official website, it's a little bit glitchy. What this means, however, is a mystery. Are we finally getting a canon release for MissingNo.?

Who's that new Pokemon?

It's glitchy! No, that's not its name, but that's what it is. As highlighted by Serebii, the page featuring this new Pokemon is awfully lacking in detail. A glitching effect is obscuring some of the information and the Pokemon's picture. An animated gif shows a digital distortion effect, but we can only see a vague outline of the (probably) adorable little critter.

In times like these, a clever person will do things like inspect the website's source code and examine every frame of the .gif. Unfortunately, Nintendo is really on the ball for this reveal as neither the source code nor the gif itself appeared to reveal any useful information whatsoever. Boo.

Is This a Throwback to MissingNo.?

While we can't see anything in the way of actual detail, it is worth pointing out that this Pokemon is causing some kind of "glitch" effect on the website. If you head on over to the Pokemon Sword and Shield homepage, you'll see the image floating in the middle of the screen's right-hand side. Attempt to click the picture and it moves away from you multiple times. Once it stops, it will take you to the glitchy page that's meant to detail this new creature but is lacking in information.

Presumably, this implies that this Pokemon will be able to exude a similar effect. It evokes memories of MissingNo., a placeholder Pokemon that would spawn if there were any problems with the game's data — a state sometimes intentionally activated so as to acquire the unofficial 152nd Pokemon.

Or Is It Sirfetch'd, a 'leeked' Farfetch'd Evolution?

From a 4Chan leak reported on by GameRant in June word of an evolution for Farfetch'd called Sirfetch's was referenced. Since this initial leak, we've seen the antagonist team's name, Gigantimaxing changing appearances, and the new Pokemon Camp all be confirmed.
Some pokemon, like [Farfetch'd], will get regional evolutions, like [Sirfetch'd].
The above tweet thinks that this may very well be the next evolution of our leek-wielding warrior; it certainly does look an awful lot like a bird holding a leek when it's turned on its side. Is this MissingNo., Sirfetch'd, or something else? We can't say for sure, but color me intrigued.

What do you think this new Pokemon is all about? Do you think we're finally seeing a canon launch of MissingNo.? Let us know in the comments below


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