New Pikmin 4 Trailer Asks You To Save Captain Olimar

Published: June 6, 2023 9:46 AM /


The player watching as their Pikmin fight a monster in Pikmin 4

A new Pikmin 4 trailer has been released, setting up the story of the upcoming fourth installment in Nintendo's real-time strategy series. Narrated in the style of a classic newsreel or B-movie voiceover, the trailer sets out the mission you'll be undertaking in Pikmin 4, namely to rescue the ironically-named Rescue Corps and the iconic Captain Olimar.

In the trailer, we learn of how Captain Olimar, longstanding protagonist of the Pikmin franchise, has crashlanded on an alien planet (again). The Rescue Corps are dispatched to save him, but they also find themselves stranded on the same planet, and so it's up to you to discover Olimar's fate and rescue the Rescue Corps. Here's the trailer for your amusement and delight.

You'll be able to create your own custom protagonist in Pikmin 4, in a first for the franchise. Playing as that protagonist, you'll land on the mysterious planet that is your objective, exploring it and discovering its tiny plant-like Pikmin inhabitants. As with other games, you'll use the Pikmin to clear obstacles, battle enemies, and help you find Olimar and the Rescue Corps.

This time around, you've also got a dog, Oatchi, who can help you to carry Pikmin across water or smash obstacles for you. New Pikmin types include the Ice Pikmin, which can freeze your enemies and also freeze the environment to help you get around. Whether you're new to Pikmin or you're already a fan of the franchise, this is sure to be a great adventure.

Pikmin 4 launches on Nintendo Switch on July 21st. The release date for the game was announced in February this year after a lengthy development cycle, which led many to believe that Pikmin 4 might be vaporware or could even have been canceled. Luckily, that's not the case, and we'll get to play the diminutive critters' latest adventure soon.


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