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Blizzard Entertainment have announced that a new patch for the PC version of Overwatch with tweaks to the game's balance will be heading to the game's Public Test Realm soon. You can access the PTR by launching the app on PC, navigating to the Overwatch page and selecting the PTR option in the region/account dropdown menu.  The list of changes is rather short this time around, but will undoubtedly have a big impact on the game's meta.

Everyone's favorite overweight biker monster Roadhog has had his hook ability buffed slightly, making it easier for players to hook enemies who are only partially in visual range.

This means it should be easier to hook someone who is sticking halfway out of a doorway, or behind a thin pole, etc. These checks are also used for the persistent line of sight check, so if a hook target moves behind a slim object like a stump or a lightpole, they won't be released anymore.
In addition to this, players unlucky enough to be hooked by Roadhog are now slowed down significantly
This means if someone is strafe jumping away from you and you land a hook, they are a lot less likely to slide out of line on sight, breaking the hook.
A bug where players could pull enemy players behind them by spinning around while the hook was reigning them in has been fixed.

Other changes coming to the PTR are slight nerfs for Ana and a buff for Sombra. The former has the duration of her Biotic Grenade reduced from 5 seconds to 4, which should make buffed teammates easier to deal with for the opposing team. Sombra players can look forward to a reduced cooldown for her hacking ability, bringing down the cooldown for this ability from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, making her a more viable choice for players.

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