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New Obsidian Job Postings Shed Light On Next Project

Published: September 21, 2019 10:10 PM



Obsidian Entertainment has just opened up 11 new positions on LinkedIn. Gleaning the descriptors reveals details on their next project, which will be their first as a full Xbox Studio. One nugget remains consistent through the postings: the need for Unreal Engine 4 knowledge. But you can dig some others out, too.

One job opening stands out: Combat Designer. Just what type of combat are they wanting to design? Whatever it is, there will be an “emphasis on an exceptional first-person melee experience.” There is a reference to ranged combat in the posting’s “Requirement” section, but the focus of the position will clearly be on melee.


There will also be “character and gear statistics” and both first and third-person animations. Those last two aren’t very surprising. They hint that there will be RPG traits in the project and either an ability to switch between perspectives or a combination of perspectives throughout (like third-person views of particular combat accomplishments,).

The other job postings hint at more details. The Graphics Programmer posting asks for someone who can develop “leading-edge graphics” for Obsidian's next “world-class RPG.” Other postings also reference their “next great RPG.” That line comes from the User Interface Artist opening, which also asks for someone who can deliver a “ground-breaking user-experience.” So Obsidian really wants good UI.


There is a Network Programmer position and the Gameplay Programmer opening lists multiplayer development experience as a plus. In other words, online multiplayer is very likely. The posting for a Lighting Artist emphasizes the need for “complex” and “vast” lighting solutions, and references managing a day-and-night cycle.

Could any of this refer to The Outer Worlds? Not likely - the language suggests a new RPG title. All we have now are job postings - time to play the waiting game.


Quick Take

There isn’t a ton that's surprising in these postings. We kind of expect Obsidian to make an RPG, and any Lighting Artist is going to need to know complex lighting solutions. The main point of interest here is that these postings help confirm these speculations for us. My main take away is the emphasis on first-person melee combat. Does that mean a sword-and-sorcery game?

Excited about Obsidian’s next project? Like the idea of a world-class RPG with first-person melee combat? Let us know in the comments below!

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