New Northgard DLC Adds Dodsvagr, Clan of the Rat

Published: January 26, 2022 3:45 PM /


New Northgard DLC Dodsvagr, Clan of the Rat cover

A new Northgard DLC has launched! Dodsvagr, Clan of the Rat is here and will challenge you to work hard and use powerful Shamans to overcome your enemies.

Northgard is a strategy game that's all about a band of brave Vikings exploring a rich new land. Unfortunately, this uncharted territory is not without its peril and it's up to you to keep your hardy men and women alive.

First launched all the way back in 2017, developer Shiro Games has released new updates and expanded into making a new game based on the Dune IP. Shiro Games hasn't forgotten about Northgard, though, and a new DLC has arrived: it's time to join Dodsvagr, Clan of the Rat.

New Northgard DLC 'Dodsvagr, Clan of the Rat' Focuses on Hard Work and Shamans

The new Northgard DLC focuses on "Dodsvagr, Clan of the Rat," a clan of Vikings that largely focuses on hard work and utilizing powerful Shamans.

The Clan of the Rat is so dedicated to hard work, in fact, that they don't even own homes; instead, all non-mystic buildings provide housing for players. The Healer Hut is replaced with the Shaman Camp, a unit that serves as a sort of cleric that can heal allied units.

Shamans thrive on death. If one of your units dies (or you kill an enemy), the corpses are cremated at the Shaman Camp. This produces Lore and attracts new Villagers faster, allowing the Clan of the Rat to quickly replace its population.

You can buy the new Northgard DLC Dodsvagr, Clan of the Rat on PC and consoles at the usual price of $4.99 or your regional equivalent. You will, of course, need the base game to play it -- you can buy Northgard for PC and consoles for $29.99 or your regional equivalent via its official website.

What do you think of this new Northgard clan? What's your favorite clan in the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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