New Mount & Blade: Warband Expansion Announced

October 16, 2014 2:58 PM

By: Patrick Perrault


After over two years, the latest installment in the widely acclaimed indie franchise Mount & Blade has been announced, and this time you can play as a Viking.

Don't rock the boat...




The expansion, entitled Mount & Blade: Viking Conquest, is set in Dark Age Britain, where players will be able to explore 'authentic scenes and cultures' of the period. The game interestingly touts a single-player mode, which is somewhat unexpected, given the last DLC was a multiplayer only affair. The announcement also promises a 'complex plot, where choices have real consequences'. Given that Mount & Blade is a sandbox, this shouldn't be an impossible thing to accomplish.

It will be odd to see a Mount & Blade game with an actual plot-line but who knows, maybe it will be quite good. Players shouldn't need many excuses to become a viking after all, but a 'complex' storyline could definitely be a good reason.



Are you ready to raid and pillage?

Two new multiplayer modes are also planned, although the only things known so far are the names of them: Coastal Assault, and Warlord. Coastal Assault seems to be more of what you would expect from a viking, but Warlord sounds intriguing. Perhaps a variant of the Captain mode from Napoleonic Wars where you command a bunch of troops, and the player with the most points becomes the Warlord? Who knows, but this expansion looks to be something to keep your eyes on.



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