New mode and features announced for Battleborn

Published: June 4, 2015 10:04 AM /



2K and Gearbox Softwares have just announced some new modes and features for their upcoming shooter Battleborn. Battleborn was announced last July in 2014 and is meant to be a cooperative first-person shooter that will have some MOBA elements. This game will be set in the distant future where every star has gone dark for some reason. Solus, the last of these stars, is the last hope for the dwindling population. Factions of heroes, called Battleborn, have to fight for the dominance of these stars and now there is a new enemy threat requiring all of the Battleborn to team up and fight together.

Explore Solus as you take on this strange new foe!

The game modes that will be in BattleBorn includes a Story Mode, where you play alone, two player split screen, or as an online party of 5, to take on missions to progress through the story. You can also head back to levels you've already played for a chance to get even better loot. There are 25 different playable heroes that all have their own personality and equipped with their own weapons and powers. The Helix System allows players to level up their characters form 1 to 10 in each single mission or match. There is also of course a competitive multiplayer mode where you can join a team of 5 players to face off against another team of 5. The three different modes that will be in the game are called Incursion, Devastation and Meltdown. Incursion has the team protecting their base from AI minions while working together to take out their opponents base. Devastation has the heroes facing off in a death match while holding objective on the map to win. Meltdown has the team of heroes protecting minions as they march them to the center of the map, the minions that are able to sacrifice themselves earn points for their team.

There is a persistent level up system across the story mode and the competitive multiplayer that contributes to your heroes as well as you the player, there are the Character Ranks and Command Ranks respectively. Each hero is able to permanently rank up from 1 to 10 allowing players to swap out parts of their helix skill tree as well as earn new skins and the command ranks are for the players so they can unlock badges and titles for bragging rights.

If you're tired of me explaining and just want to check out the new trailer for Battleborn then you can see it below:


What do you think of Battleborn so far? Are you excited to see more of Battleborn in the future? Do you think MOBA style games will be around for the long haul?


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