New Mass Effect 4 Images and details.

Mako 4

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New Mass Effect 4 Images and details.

July 27, 2014

By: Bryan Heraghty


The space drama series is back with Mass Effect 4 and new images reveal our first details of the game. The images come via Comic-con in San Diego which is dominating the life of nerd the world over for the last four days! The game supposedly take place during Commander Shepard's lifetime but you play as a different character instead.  The Bioware team took a moment to reiterate that this game is not about Shepard, but rather its own story. The team also said they were going for a "spiritual successor" vibe.

The team showed off a line up of both the Male and Female character models. Given the visors covering both, it would seem the team has yet to decide on a standard face for the two. No announcements on player race choice were made.

Character Mass Effect 4

Me 4 Male



Your Hero female

One of the most interesting bits of news is the return of the Mako, the ATV vehicle used in Mass Effect One that controlled...well awful. But the Bioware team says they've listened to feedback. "We've learned some things about vehicle frustration." The Mako will be faster and more agile, but without a canon. The canon returns with an increased focus on exploration of uncharted space for the newest Mass Effect outing.

Mako 4

Mass Effect Mako

Mako ME 4



Mass Effect 4 is looking to branch out from the bog brother trilogy while maintaining what made Mass Effect the critical and financial success it was. Mass Effect 4 is aiming for a 2015 release date.

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