New Lycanroc Form Coming to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Published: August 6, 2017 11:33 AM /


Dusk Form Lycanroc Anime Reveal Ultra Sun Ultra Moon

Pokémon is getting a new monster form to show off in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, but this time it is not a legendary Pokémon that gets the spotlight.

This time, the Pokemon Sun and Moon new Pokemon form goes to Lycanroc, the pure Rock-type wolf that featured prominently in Pokemon Sun and Moon with its previous two forms, Midday and Midnight. Nintendo is giving Lycanroc a third option, however, with a brand new form called Dusk-form.

The new form was revealed on the Japanese variety show Pokénchi, or Gathering at the Pokemon House. Game Freak has used Pokénchi before for new Pokémon reveals before, and made no exception this time around. Shigeru Ohmori, one of the primary game designers of the Pokémon franchise revealed the Lycanroc in several different vignettes, both in-game and in the Pokémon Anime, without divulging too much into the new forms stats.

pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon screenshot of dusk form lycanroc attack stance
Say hello to the new wolf on the block.

Dusk form Lycanroc combines bits of the previous two forms in its look, and sports orange colored fur and big green eyes. According to Nintendo, obtaining Dusk form Lycanroc will be different than the previous two forms, which evolved based on which game you owned. "You can't get Dusk Form Lycanroc on your team by ordinary methods, such as discovering the mysterious Pokémon in the wild." stated the official Pokémon website. Other than this, no stats or typing information were given, although it is likely that Dusk form Lycanroc will retain its rock-type in-game.

Lycanroc is the 4th confirmed Pokemon to receive a new form after Nintendo teased Solgaleo and Lunala with new forms, and a special Pikachu forms that all wear Ash's hats from the anime, which are special distributions in Japan.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are scheduled for release on November 17th, 2017 for the Nintendo 3DS.

What are your thoughts on the new form? What do you think of the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon new Pokemon forms? Leave your comments below. 


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