New Leak Suggests a Far Cry 5 Spin-off

Published: December 6, 2018 5:06 PM /


far cry new dawn teaser

UPDATE: Amazon has listed Far Cry: New Dawn on its digital storefront for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One within an hour before The Game Awards premiere. The release date is allegedly Dec. 7. According to the product description, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic Hope County, and it has a focus on co-op multiplayer and base building.

On Wednesday, Ubisoft teased a new project that looked like a follow-up to Far Cry 5's explosive ending, with a promise to reveal more tonight at The Game Awards. Now thanks to a new leak, we have an idea of what the game's title and cover art will look like. Of course, keep in mind that the leak has not been confirmed yet by any official sources.

The upcoming title, per the leak via Reddit and Twitter user Wario64, is Far Cry: New Dawn. Based on the teaser released on Wednesday and this unconfirmed cover art, it's all but confirmed that New Dawn will continue the story laid out by Far Cry 5.

Beware of Far Cry 5 spoilers below.

Far Cry 5 has multiple endings, but one stands out as the "canon" ending to fit New Dawn's timeline. While apprehending fanatic cult leader Joseph Seed, nuclear bombs go off, razing Hope County to the ground. During a desperate attempt to drive to safety, the car flips out of control, leaving everyone for dead. Seed, who somehow broke out of his handcuffs, drags the protagonist to the bunker. The game closes with the player character — presumably tied up — looking at Seed as he revels in the destruction he had predicted.

The narrator in the New Dawn teaser talks about how flames and death "rolled through [their] valley," which sounds a lot like nuclear bombs. Images of roaring fires are cut up by shots of a crossbow that shoots circular sawblades. The leaked cover art features two women holding weapons in the foreground, one of which is holding the aforementioned sawblade crossbow. A man who looks like Seed is shackled to a car in the background.

Whatever this new Far Cry project ends up being, we'll see it on the big stage during tonight's Game Awards. Far Cry 5 will also compete for Best Action Game. You can follow our live coverage of the event tonight starting 5:30 p.m. PT / 8:30 p.m. ET.

Quick Take

I want to believe this is the right move for the franchise. The fifth game had a good premise, and I'm hoping this spin-off can capitalize on it. Otherwise, Far Cry 5's legacy will be a sad list of abysmal DLC that had no impact.

What do you think about this potential Far Cry 5 spin-off? Let us know in the comments below.


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