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New Kingdom Hearts Trailer Shows New Story Aspects

Published: June 11, 2017 12:32 PM



Last night via the Kingdom Hearts YouTube account a new trailer was released for Kingdom Hearts III, a game that fans of the series have been waiting a long time for. This trailer is called the "Kingdom Hearts III Orchestral Trailer" and gives us a glimpse of what we can expect from both gameplay and story in the upcoming title


The trailer opens with Sora dropping onto an enemy filled rooftop in what looks like a Mount Olympus region of Olympus Colosseum. From previous titles, we know that Olympus Colosseum will be the first world that Sora, Donald, and Goofy travel to at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts III. During this combat sequence, we see one of the Keyblade shape changes, this time transforming into a shield. This "Counter Shield" ability also has its own set of special attacks including a series of fast punches appearing out of thin air and it's own shotlock animation.

For fans hoping for any slight amount of story news they can be excited to know through a conversation between Malificent, Pete, and Hades that Malificent is searching for a "distinctive black box". For those of you who have watched Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover that was included in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 you'll know that the box that they are searching for is most likely the black chest that Luxu was given by the Master of Masters, the contents of which are still unknown to the player.


After some gameplay of Sora using a variety of different abilities, form changes, and magic he makes his way to a fight against the colossal rock titan. We then see our heroic trio outside the Old Mansion from Twilight Town talking with both Xemnas and Ansem Seeker of Darkness, the respective nobody and heartless of Xehanort. In this conversation, it seems that Sora is trying to bring back Roxas, his own nobody, as his own entity.

The trailer ends that saying that next month at D23 July 15th when a new trailer will release for Kingdom Hearts III that will show off a new world that will be in the game.


If you want to know more about this and other announcements happening at E3 then be sure to check out our E3 2017 Coverage Hub.

What do you think of this orchestral trailer? Is there anything you saw that I missed? Do you just want to get your hands on the game already?

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