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Apparently, releasing trailers is passe for Square Enix’s PR team at this point, so to continue to spread the hype for the upcoming release of Kingdom Hearts 3, they’ve now released a whole set of new screenshots from Twilight Town and Olympus Coliseum, which both reveal some interesting details.


Hayner, Pence and Olette on the run from a Demon Tower forming in Twilight Town. Previously this enemy was encountered three times by Aqua in A Fragmentary Passage.


I would like to point out the hilarity of Pence wearing a t-shirt that says "DogStreet" while he is standing next to Goofy. What's also interesting is that Hayner, presumably subconsciously, has taken up Roxas' "x" motif.


This seems to be another shot of the same Demon Tower forming as the one by the Twilight Three. Potentially this is the incident that unites them with Sora.


Sora and Co. in the Twilight Town lab with what appears to be either a cellphone or the Kingdom Hearts equivalent of a Pokedex.


The plaid bits on Sora's jacket match up to the plaid on Olette and Hayner's outfits. Coincidence? And is it just me or is Sora's hair getting less spiky in height as the games go on but with inexplicably more spikes in it?


There's that cranky Hayner we know and love! And Pence with a sunset motif on his scarf.


I wouldn't have pegged Pence as the tech-geek out of the three of them.


Aha, so Ienzo is the mysterious contact on the phone with Sora. Is that the Space Paranoids portal behind him?


The lab that Ienzo is in appears to be Ansem the Wise's basement lab in Hollow Bastion, not DiZ's lab in the basement of the Twilight Town mansion. Apparently he's communicating from there while he's talking to Sora? Or has the lab changed locations?


This shot of Hercules has been in more trailers than I can keep track of.


Hades modus operandi is trying to make deals with all of the characters and this is most definitely the body language of someone trying to do that to Sora. Oddly enough, it looks like they're actually outside of the Coliseum here. Could the world be further explored?


Meg's back! Though this is reminiscent of the scene in the movie where the three of them have to convince Hercules not to give up in his fight against the giant cyclops. Perhaps a similar situation occurs?


Nice lipgloss, Herc.


Kingdom Hearts III will be the first time we've seen Zeus in-game, although he's been mentioned several times by characters and in Jiminy's journal entries.


Here, the Wind and Lava titans make the jump to in-game appearances after having previously been seen only in the Kingdom Hearts manga. And yet again, it's the Ice titan.


It appears that we'll finally get to see Olympus in this world, considering the focus of the past games has been on the Coliseum and the Underworld.


Meg is making a comeback! But will we see Auron or Zack after their Coliseum appearances in Kingdom Hearts II and Birth By Sleep.


Ooh, that's Sora's accusing face. And Donald Duck's slightly cross-eyed face. But where exactly are they?


Interesting that Pete and Maleficent are making a reappearance at the Coliseum, considering they haven't been on the best of terms with Hades waving away their help and advice at every turn.


Hades on Mount Olympus, he seems to have finally gotten what he wants. Then again, that's the way the movie went too.


Hades confronted by Hercules and Zeus. Possible spoilers for how this world will close?

What do you think, readers? Are you looking forward to Kingdom Hearts III? Are there any details we missed in the screenshots? Let us know in the comments below!

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