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Horizon Zero Dawn

Developer Guerilla Games impressed a great many people (this writer amongst them) when they revealed the gorgeous E3 trailer of the post-apocalyptic third-person adventure Horizon Zero Dawn, and every new bit of released information has only added to the excitement.

Speaking to IGN's Spanish branchHorizon Zero Dawn's executive producer Mark Norris gave us some more info on the game's planned features. Norris says that the game, which is their first new IP in 10 years, came to be after a company-wide vote because he wanted to find out what kind of game everyone in the company would want to make, and Horizon Zero Dawn was the outcome of this democratic process.

Guerilla's decision to set the game thousands of years after the collapse of society stems from the desire to have a different, more colorful take on a post-apocalyptic world that is very different from the usual washed out locales you see in the Fallout or Mad Max franchise.

We have this juxtaposition of having this beautiful world while depressing colors typical post-apocalyptic games are replaced with the greens and blues of a new hope, a new growth, new life horizons. So if you look at it that way, you will see these differences.
Norris says that the open-world they're creating is less focused on size, instead focusing on density with lots of things to see and do while you fight against the animal and dinosaur-like machines that populate the landscape.

The game's heavy focus on narrative and the bow-wielding protagonist Eloy means that the game will not have a multiplayer mode, saying that the implementation of a multiplayer mode may dilute the singeplayer experience and undermine the connection you form with the main character. While they may think of a multiplayer mode in the future, the story and the characters come first.

The choice of making the main protagonist a female character was never something the developers thought about.

She was never in question. In fact it is frustrating that being the 2015 still has to validate an option on a female main character and then people use it to ask how they decided that option? For us, it never was a choice. We never asked if we should choose a man or a woman, it was always Eloy.
Horizon Zero Dawn got announced at E3 of last year and is being developed as a Playstation 4 exclusive and is supposed to come out this year. A gameplay walkthrough was shown at the Playstation Experience last year.

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