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Samuro, the latest Heroes of the Storm hero has been announced, and it harkens back to the glory days of WarCraft III, with his repertoire from the RTS title brought over into Blizzard Entertainment's MOBA title.

Watch the trailer below to see Jack Black fight Samuro the Blademaster.

Samuro the Blademaster is a character that former WarCraft III ladder players will remember well, as he is Blizzard Entertainment's quintessential representation of the infamous Blademaster hero.

He is also well-realized as an Assassin Hero in Heroes of the Storm, as Mirror Image, Critical Strike, Wind Walk, and Bladestorm are all here and react mostly the same as it did thirteen years ago.

The spells are relatively self-explanatory. Mirror Image creates mirror images of the Blademaster that deal 30% of the player's damage with 50% of the player's health, while Critical Strike is just that, a Basic Attack that deals 50% increased damage. Interestingly, the Critical Strike does not break Wind Walk, which enters the Blademaster into an invisible Stealth that increases the player's speed by 25% and lasts for 8 seconds - or until the player takes damage or an attack or Ability is used.

The two Heroic Abilities are Bladestorm and Illusion Master, one damage dealing Ability and another spell to be used in tandem with Mirror Images. Bladestorm allows the player to become a "whirlwind  of death" with the player dealing 285 damage per second to nearby foes for 4 seconds, while Illusion Master allows the player to switch places with a targeted Mirror Image.

Quick Take

As much as I remember hating playing against the Blademaster (and still do when I occasionally hop on WarCraft III's it is a good choice to bring into Heroes of the Storm and another reminder that Blizzard has a very large number of characters they are able bring into their MOBA title. 

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