New Hero Brigitte & Nerfs To Sombra Now Live In Overwatch

Published: March 20, 2018 9:34 PM /


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Brigitte is now live in Overwatch according to patch notes available on the game's official forums. Additionally, the Sombra nerfs that were announced last week have been pushed to live servers.

The latest hero to join the cast of characters in Overwatch is Brigitte Lindholm, daughter of Torbjõrn and squire to Reinhardt. Slotted into the Support category, Brigitte is a hybrid tank/healer who supports her allies mainly by smashing enemies in the face with her rocket flail. Take a look at her introduction trailer to get a feel for her abilities:

Hits from Brigitte's mace generate healing for allies within range. When things get a bit tough, she can use a Repair Pack for burst healing with the potential for up to 75 temporary armor as a overheal. Whip Shot allows her to knock back enemies with her rocket flail, and she can keep herself alive through the use of her Barrier Shield. Enemies straying too close to the steadfast squire can get stunned by her Shield Bash, and her Rally Ultimate increases her speed and generates a hefty chunk of permanent armor for allies within range.

Competitive players should note that Brigitte won't be available in that game mode until the beginning of the next season according to a post from Overwatch Developer Scott Mercer on the game's official forums. This is a continuation of their policy from the introduction of Blizzard World where new maps & heroes will be held off until the beginning of the following Competitive Season. This may change in the future going by a post from Overwatch Lead Developer Jeff Kaplan, but for now, we'll have to wait to see how she works out in Competitive.

Aside from a new gal on the block, Sombra has had a couple of nerfs applied following some serious buffs that took place earlier this month. Sombra's Hack ability will now go on a 2-second cooldown if it's interrupted by damage; this is meant to counter players continually Hacking until an enemy reloads or misses a shot. The line-of-sight calculations for hack have also been adjusted so that it's more likely for it to fail if enemies make it behind cover in time.

The Team Information Screen (that is, the overlay you see when you press Tab that shows both teams) now displays the Ultimate Charge for everyone on your team. A number of bugfixes have also been implemented in this patch including some for Doomfist, Mercy, Moira, and others. Read through the full patch notes for all the details, and have fun with the next week or two of a guaranteed healer in your Quick Play games.

What do you think of Brigitte? Do you think she'll change the meta of the game? Are the Sombra nerfs enough to balance out the buffs she received earlier this month? Let us know in the comments below!

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