New Hero and Balance Changes Added To Paragon

Published: March 29, 2016 5:51 PM /



Epic Games has revealed the first now character joining their upcoming MOBA Paragon. As of today players can eat souls and crush enemies with a giant hammer as Sevarog. Check out the character launch trailer below. 

Sevarog is a melee tank built around crowd control and target isolation. Early in a game Sevarog can use the ability Siphon to capture enemy souls from both minions and heroes to increase health and damage. Sevarog also possesses Phantom Dash and Subjugate. Phantom Dash allows Sevarog to quickly dash in any direction, creating both offensive and defensive opportunities. Subjugate will root enemies and slow them down. The potential strategies when using these two abilities in tandem is overwhelming and sure to change the pace of battle. His ultimate ability, Colossal Blow, can be used to knock groups of enemies away or into traps. Late in the game Sevarog can be a valuable member of any team, controlling the tempo of battle from the front lines. Check out the character overview video here

Epic Games is also making some balance changes to Paragon with the update. The heroes Grux and Feng Mao have had their damage scaling decreased in late game to offset their higher win rates. To balance out the changes made, both heroes have been made a bit more powerful during the early game stages to "help keep them more relevant throughout the match." Some of the changes made are as follows.


  • The health gain from the passive skill Only the Strong Survive has been reduced, now capping at 100 stacks or 200 health.
  • The ultimate ability Warlord's Challenge has seen its speed bonus and duration scaling removed, while the cost of the ability has been increased. 
  • The max health scaling of the character has been reduced slightly. 

Feng Mao 

  • The attack and shield bonus from the passive skill The Balance has been reduced. 
  • The ultimate ability Earth Shatter has seen it's base damage scaling reduced as well as its cost increased. 

The full list of changes made to both characters can be found on the Paragon blog

Paragon is a third-person action MOBA coming to PS4 and PC later this year. Players who don't want to wait for the full release can jump into the beta now, however, by purchasing the founders pack for $19.99. An open beta is planned for this summer for players who don't want to pay to get in. 

Are you going to give Sevarog a go? How do you feel about the balance changes made to Grux and Feng Mao? Let us know in the comments below. 

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