Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain

New Hearthstone Adventure, Blackrock Mountain, Releases April 2nd

March 28, 2015 8:43 PM

By: Clint Smith


Fans of Hearthstone have likely already heard about the newest adventure planned for card-slinging enthusiasts, and the release date for Hearthstone's new adventure has now been confirmed. On April 2nd, the first wing of the Blackrock Mountain adventure, Blackrock Depths, will be released (April 3rd if you are in Europe, Korea, Taiwan, or China).

The final release date for the four additional wings has not yet been confirmed, but if it follows the same trend as Hearthstone’s previous adventure, Curse of Naxxramas, every week afterwards will open up a new set of bosses for players to take down.




A proper adventure deserves proper rewards, and this new Hearthstone adventure offers players 31 new cards earned exclusively from defeating the unique encounters these wings hold. These cards feature mechanics that are entirely new to Hearthstone, and every class is receiving 2 class-specific cards as rewards for success in Blackrock Mountain.

Obtaining these rewards will take you across 5 wings in all, containing a total of 17 boss fights. The first of the five wings is Blackrock Depths, later to be followed by Molten Core, Blackrock Spire, Blackwing Lair, and the Hidden Laboratory.



[caption id="attachment_35397" align="aligncenter" width="174"]Hearthstone Blackrock Card Back The card back available through pre-ordering.[/caption]




The entirety of the Blackrock Mountain adventure can be pre-ordered now for $24.99, and pre-ordering will grant you a unique in-game card back. If you wait for release, the card back will no longer be available, but you can still purchase the full adventure for the same price. Individual wings will also be available for purchase, using both in-game currency or real money. Unlike Hearthstone’s first adventure, there seems to be no plans this time around to offer the first wing for free - if you want to delve into Blackrock, you’re going to have to pay up.

Are you excited to jump into this new Hearthstone adventure? Do you think the new cards are worth the effort?

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