New GamePass Games for January 2019 Announced

Published: January 4, 2019 9:03 AM /


new gamespass games for january 2019

New GamePass games for January 2019 are here! Microsoft has added eight new games to their subscription service that gives players access to tons of great titles at a pretty good price.

This month's set of games contains a nice mix of titles for players to enjoy. Whether you care about the story, mechanics, graphics, or all three, there's something in the new GamePass games for January 2019 that you'll probably like. Let's get right into breaking down the games!


Absolver (Our Review) is the first of eight new GamePass games for January 2019. This is a fighting game at its core, but it's different from many other titles in the genre. You'll travel across the land and occasionally encounter other players with which to do battle. Learn new skills, acquire new weapons, and fight until you can truly call yourself one of the Absolvers. This game is available as of January 7th.

Aftercharge (Our Preview) is an awesome competitive game pitting two teams of three against one another. On one side is a squad of invincible security guards. On the other is a trio of robots equipped with cloaking technology. The robots seek to destroy power generators and the guards must protect them. It's an intriguing take on asymmetric gameplay and certainly worth playing! This game is available as of January 10th.


Ark: Survival Evolved is, frankly, a game that's had its fair share of troubles. It's faced numerous delays and questionable decisions from the developers at times. That said, it's still a pretty decent survival crafting game set on an island filled with dinosaurs (so you know it has a special place in our hearts here at TechRaptor). You won't just have to contend with the ravenous wildlife, either—there are plenty of players out for blood in the wild world of Ark! This game is available as of January 3rd.

Farming Simulator 17 is exactly what it says on the tin: the 2017 edition of Farming Simulator. You'll get to use all sorts of cool farm equipment as you raise many different kinds of crops and tend to your animals. If you're remotely interested in farming games, this is certainly a title that would be great to play! This game features over 250 different pieces of equipment and vehicles. This game is available as of January 3rd.


Just Cause 3 (Our Review) is, unsurprisingly, the third game in the Just Cause series. Rico Rodriguez returns to his homeland in an effort to free it from a terrible dictator. He has an arsenal of neat gadgets and powerful weapons at his disposal and you're free to use them as you like in a massive open world. It's a great game packed with explosive action! This game is available as of January 10th.

Life is Strange Complete Season (Our Review) is a lovely adventure game from DONTNOD. When Max sees a girl hurt in her school's bathroom, she accidentally awakens her powers to rewind time. Use these powers to uncover a mystery in a school filled with interesting characters! This game is available as of December 20th.


Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Our Review) takes you back to a time before the events of Life is Strange. Max's friend Chloe is sixteen and she has to contend with a tumultuous family environment, drug dealers, and cantankerous classmates. She might not have powers in the same way that Max does, but she sure does have her fair share of... unique social skills. This game is available as of December 27th.

Life is Strange 2: Part 1 (Our Review) is the last of the new GamePass games for January 2019. This continues the themes of the first game with characters who have manifested strange powers and have to make their way through a harsh world. The second episode of this game should be coming out sometime early this year, so now's as good a time as any to get started with the story! This game is available as of January 3rd.

That's it for the new GamePass games for January 2019. It's certainly an interesting mix of games this month! There's a little bit of something for everyone in the eight titles that Microsoft has added to their subscription service.

If you'd like to get these titles and over one hundred other games, you can sign up for the service right now. It costs just $1 to get started and $9.99 a month after that.

What do you think of the new GamePass games for January 2019? Which title is the best of the lot? Let us know in the comments below!

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