New Game Abortion Bus Shows Texas Abortion Law Insanity

Published: November 4, 2022 11:59 AM /


The Abortion Bus logo, which shows the Texan state, a bus, and the caption "a long drive for a fundamental right"

A new game has been created that aims to show the absurdity of Texan abortion laws, which will reportedly require Texans to undertake a 23-hour round trip for an abortion in some cases. The game is called Abortion Bus, and it's being streamed today in order to raise funds and awareness.

According to a press release for Abortion Bus, a combination of Roe v Wade's repeal as the law of the land and Texas' already-restrictive abortion laws (which some gaming industry folks actually support) have made it so that some people wanting abortions will now need to drive a 1500-mile round trip. That works out to around 23 hours in total, and you can imagine how stressful that could be for someone who already might not be particularly happy about their situation.

That's where the game comes in. Designed by a creative by the name of Brian Moore, Abortion Bus is inspired by "worst game ever" contender Desert Bus, which was originally part of a tongue-in-cheek (and unreleased) Penn and Teller video game, as well as the charity event Desert Bus For Hope

Originally leaked online by gaming preservationist Frank Cifaldi (who's also lent his support to Abortion Bus), Desert Bus is a lengthy, tedious, and frustrating affair, and Abortion Bus is intended to reflect that by showing, in game form, the entire 23-hour journey someone might have to undertake to get an abortion.

A group of people celebrating during the Desert Bus For Hope charity event, which Abortion Bus is inspired by
Abortion Bus and its stream are inspired by the charity event Desert Bus For Hope and the game featured during that event.

Of course, you don't have to play this game in its entirety yourself (although you can). There's a stream underway right now over on the Abortion Bus Twitch channel, which you can tune into whenever you like over the next few hours or so. The creators behind the game say that the aim is to "instill empathy" by showing you just how arduous this journey would be for someone from Texas hoping to get an abortion.

As the official Abortion Bus website states, the game is primarily intended as a fundraising tool and isn't really supposed to be fun. If you donate, the proceeds will go to nonprofit abortion organization Fund Texas Choice, which helps to arrange travel and offset costs for those in Texas looking to get an abortion.

If you're looking to help the cause, the best way is to vote in the upcoming midterm elections, according to the folks behind Abortion Bus. You can also donate to Fund Texas Choice, and if you reach out to the game's creators via email, you can get a copy of the game to run a fundraiser yourself.


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