New EU4 Expansion announced: El Dorado

Published: January 20, 2015 10:54 AM /


El Dorado

Paradox has a history of creating large amounts of DLC for their games - Crusader King's 2 has over 50 pieces of DLC, and Europa Universalis has almost 30. That makes it nice to see that Paradox has announced a full expansion for the game rather then a small unit add on or update bit - the third such expansion for Europa Universalis IV.

El Dorado is the new expansion and its focused on South and Central America - bringing them to life in the era of the Spanish Conquistador's. You will be able to play as either side and help rewrite history depending on your choices, as the game often has as its lure. As the invading Europeans, push deeper into the forests, with explorers and conquistadors following rumors of lost magic, lost cities, and treasures. Subject the native people to your whim, and play the politics so that back home the region is declared yours alone. Ship back gold fleets to ensure your coffers stay full in Europe to give an edge in the rivalries there.

Or perhaps play as the Aztecs or another, fighting back against invaders. Rule over the regions, and serve your bloody deities sacrificing those who will not do as you will to the Gods for blessings.

Beyond the new region work, likely the biggest addition in this expansion is the new Nation Designer which lets you get new starting options for a game. With the Nation Designer you'll be able to do a lot of tweaking to your own nation at the start - choosing the capital and starting provinces, modifying your starting culture, and changing your leader, all to give the game even more customization than before.

Several new religions are being implemented as one might expect with the Mayan, Inti and Nahutl religions with blood sacrifices or sun worship coming into the game. Adding these new religions may add a new dynamic to that region of the world, and present another choice about what to do when conquering the natives with backwards superstitions - the same choice that the explorers of back then faced.

Europa Universalis IV: El Dorado will be released digitally next month for Windows, Mac and Linux but if you want to play some EU 4 in the meantime, it is available on TechRaptor's GameFanShop for under $35

Are you interesed in EU 4: EL Dorado? Do you think that Paradox releases too much expansion content for their games? Tell us in the comments below!

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