A new Dungeon for Twilight Princess HD....At The Cost of a Wolf Link Amiibo

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Twilight Princess

The new Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD seemingly has a bunch of new features that makes it a little bit more then an HD reskin. First reported by Eurogamer and seen on the Amazon France page, There's a new Hero Mode for example. In addition,  the game will have will have an additional dungeon added to the games library, as the Twilight Cave will be available for Zelda fans to enjoy. There's just one catch: in order to unlock the new dungeon, you'll need a Wolf Link Amiibo in order to do it. The information regarding the additional features have been removed at this time, but were caught and archived thanks to some people over at the Nintendo Insider and Neogaf.

Amiibo's unlocking content in game isn't new....but unlocking an actual level may leave fans with a bad taste in their mouths.
Amiibo's unlocking content in game isn't new....but unlocking an actual level may leave fans with a bad taste in their mouths.

All Legend of Zelda amiibos are claimed on the page to have an in-game effect. The amiibo's unlocks range from the ability to replenish the player's life, to getting arrows for your bows. There's not a lot of detail regarding the new Hero Mode or the new dungeon, so it is uncertain whether or not the addition is significant at this time.  Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD will be sold in both a packed set with amiibo in question, along with the ability to purchase separately. The game will have a graphical upgrade, as well as improved inventory management using the Wii U touchscreen.

Quick Take

Considering the price of 49.99 EUR and the cost of the game and the amiibo is 59.99 EUR, all I have to say is the dungeon in question be pretty significant in order to justify this. Even with that said, I am not a fan of unlocking real in-game content like new dungeons via the toy DLC, and really hope that Nintendo changes their mind on this one. It's another step towards the further cutting up of content for purchase, something that needs to stop in my opinion. It also doesn't help that there's always a scarcity issue regarding Amiibos to deal with, and Nintendo better be darn sure they have the appropriate stock here. While I love the amiibo's look, it just doesn't feel right to me.

What are your thoughts? Does this change your outlook of picking up the HD version of a game with an actual interesting side character as opposed to Skyward Sword's Fi? Do you think I'm still bitter about Skyward Sword? Leave your comments below!

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