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Published: March 21, 2016 2:38 PM /


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Tom Clancy's The Division has been out for a little under 2 weeks now, and Ubisoft Massive has been busy collecting data and player feedback. Now they are preparing to implement patch 1.0.2 during tomorrow's scheduled server maintenance. You can find the full patch notes here but I will pick out a few of the more important changes and fixes coming in this update below. Everyone likes bullet lists, right?

  • First off the bat: named enemies. They will now be able to obtain better loot from these elites while you're playing in challenge mode.
  • The Bullet King exploit, where people could kill a named enemy time and time again due to a respawn exploit, is no longer viable. The Division's version of the loot cave is officially in the past as of tomorrow
  • A bug where you could get stuck in an emote (like the unintentionally hilarious jumping jack; I got killed by one of these players in the Dark Zone) has also been fixed.
There are also some new changes coming to the game's PvPvE Dark Zone area, which will make going rogue by killing other players a little more rewarding than it was before, amongst other changes.
  • You can now help out neutral players by healing them with first aid or by throwing down a Support Station. This'll make it a little easier to let your intentions known to others while fighting off other players or enemy NPC's.
  • Players who are killed either by enemies or by other players will now drop some ammo, medkits and grenades which means that going rogue will get you some extra supplies to survive the timer with. Note that these items will be given to you by the game, and won't be dropped from the player's inventory.
  • Surviving the manhunt after going rogue will also be getting a profitable boost. You will now be getting more experience and dark zone funds for surviving the rogue timer, but players who manage to gun you down will also be getting more experience and funds.
  • If you get killed in the dark zone you will lose less experience and dark zone funds. Previously getting killed could mean a major setback on higher levels, possibly undoing several hours of leveling. Whether you get killed as a normal player or as a rogue doesn't matter.
  • Enemies in the highest Dark Zone now have a larger chance of dropping High-End gear when killed. These level 31 and 32 enemies also have an increased chance of dropping High-End Division Tech as well.
There are also some changes coming to the game's performance and UI.
  • The minimap gets a little update to make it less confusing for players, making it easier to navigate the city by using the minimap. The big map will also be easier to navigate with a mouse.
  • A bug where unavailable side missions would be displayed as available has also been fixed now, so no more running to a place where there isn't actually anything to do for you.
  • Xbox One players will now be able to reconnect to the game servers after waking up their console from suspension.
  • PlayStation 4's performance gets some much-needed love as well. This version of the game has issues with texture streaming where high-quality textures would take forever to load. It should be a lot quicker after the patch hits tomorrow.
You can look forward to these changes tomorrow after the planned maintenance has concluded. We recently reviewed the game, which we gave a 7.5.

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