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Published: April 20, 2016 5:36 PM /


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A new exploit in Tom Clancy's The Division has been discovered by players. This time, the glitch takes advantage of the Competent talent in order to boost the character's damage output to unbelievable amounts. After character deleting bugs and unlimited crafting materials glitches, it looks like a week can't pass without Ubisoft's Massive having to deal with something along these lines.

The 'Competent' weapon talent, boosts the damage of a certain amount when the player uses a skill. It looks like that quickly switching between a weapon with this talent and another one, will boost the damage bonus granted by the talent\. That means that you switch weapons a bunch of times and then it's only a matter of using a skill and destroying everything in your path.

Of course players are using this new exploit how one would assume. Many are entering the Lost Falcon incursion in order to take down the APC boss, supposedly the toughest enemy in the game, with just a couple of shots.

It turns out the "repeatedly switching equipment in order to stack weapon talent bonuses" problem is not limited to the "Competent" skill. It appears that other items may be affected by this problem. For example, in this video a player switches back and forth between two pieces of equipment in order to stack the "Prosperous" skill bonus. Doing so, the player manages to obtain a ludicrous amount of money for each kill.

The Division is going to receive a mantenance patch tomorrow. Among the other changes, we read that after the patch the only way to damage the APC will be by using C4. That will surely keep at bay the use of the Competent exploit to farm the APC, but it does not fix the glitch itself. What also is not getting fixed in this update, is the broken mobile cover system that, in its current state, allows players to clip through walls and access areas they should be not be entering (which is also the reason starting the next patch players entering the spawn closet of Falcon Lost will be killed). The C4 requirement and the removal of the spawn closet, should in theory mean that the incursion will have to be played properly as the ones relying on mobile cover glitches to get outside the incursion zone used sticky bombs to kill the APC.

These aren't the first glitch to plague The Division. It actually came to the point that Ubisoft is considering to punish in some way the players that take advantage of these exploits, although they appear to have backtracked from that some. In fact, while abusing glitches is not hacking, it's against the game's code of conduct to do so. There are precedents to this as most MMORPGs are known to be relentless with those who abuse ways to cheat the system to the point of banning the perpetrators.

What's your opinion on the latest The Division glitch? Do you think Massive and Ubisoft are doing enough to put a stop to this kind of issues? Let us know in the comments

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