A New Demon's Souls Door is Puzzling Players

Published: November 16, 2020 3:16 PM /


New Demon's Souls door cover

A new Demon's Souls door is puzzling players, resulting in hours of testing and speculation on what could lead them to an apparently new secret added in the PS5 remake of the game.

Demon's Souls is a PS5 remake of the PS3 classic that features a robust new photo mode and nearly 200 tip videos created for the PS5 Activities UI. That photo mode has allowed players to get a peek at what appears to be a new door, but no one has figured out how to open it just yet.


Check out this video of the new Demon's Souls door for yourself to see the location in question in 1-3:

How Do You Get to the New Demon's Souls Door?

The new Demon's Souls door is in world 1-3, leading players on ResetEra, Reddit, and elsewhere to speculate how to open it and what might be inside. Some players (and a handful of streamers) have spent hours trying to figure out how to open it, and the list of things they've tried (explained in the preceding links and elsewhere on Reddit) is practically driving them nuts.

Here's some of what players have tried to open the 1-3 door thus far:


  • Achieved a Platinum Trophy in the game
  • Searched 1-3 for a switch
  • Killed all enemies in the level
  • Rushing to the door
  • Approached the door wearing certain armor sets
  • Approached the door stealthily
  • Reached the door without dying
  • Reached the door with both pure black tendency and pure white tendency
  • Hit the door with every unique weapon in the game
  • Cast ever spell in the game at the door
  • Tried to exploit falling/gravity mechanics to reach the other side
  • Dropped 79 coins in front of the door
  • Brought every possible NPC to the door
  • ...and a lot more.

The efforts underway have yet to bear fruit. The developer has been known to add new things to its remasters and remakes in the past and veteran players are saying that this is definitely a new addition, but no one has figured out how to actually get to it just yet.

Right now, the best current speculation is that completing some kind of challenge run (such as a no-death run or a no-hit run) might open the door, but it will be some time before those tests provide players with any results. For now, the new Demon's Souls door — and the tantalizing treasure behind it — is going to remain a secret.

What do you think is behind the new Demon's Souls door? What's your favorite new addition to the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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