New Darksiders Leaked by E3, Reportedly Called Darksiders: Genesis

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Can't be Worse than Darksiders 3

THQ Nordic is gearing up for a new Darksiders announcement at this year's E3 presentation. The company is promising a new game that will take the franchise in a "fresh direction". If current rumors are to be believed, the game will be titled Darksiders: Genesis. That sounds suspiciously like a prequel to us.

THQ Nordic earlier this year held an AMA on the controversial website 8chan. During that session, the name Darksiders: Genesis was spotted among a list of other THQ Nordic properties including Destroy All Humans and Desperados to show at E3. Running a Google search for Darksiders: Genesis reveals a link to the official Darksiders website which seems to include the name. In addition, Darksiders: Genesis has been spotted as part of some retailers' listings. None of this definitely adds up to official confirmation, but the evidence is piling up.


darksiders: genesis google result
Could this Google result point to the existence of Darksiders: Genesis?


Developer Airship Syndicate could be the studio making Darksiders: Genesis. A Reddit user spotted that the studio's Twitter banner contained a darkened image of an upcoming game. Increasing the brightness on the image reveals what looks like Darksiders art. Airship Syndicate is headed up by staff formerly of Darksiders developer Vigil Games, so giving the Texas studio the franchise would make some sense.

Again, it's worth noting that none of this has officially been confirmed by THQ Nordic yet. It's also entirely possible that Darksiders: Genesis refers to something else. One Reddit user says the text on the official website is a placeholder for an absent Darksiders III logo. The user suggests this could mean Genesis was a working title for Darksiders III. Still, there's not much in that game's story to suggest that "Genesis" would make sense as a secondary title. We'll have to wait and see what THQ has for us at this year's E3 conference. In the meantime, go check out TechRaptor's review of Darksiders III.

Would you welcome another Darksiders game? What aspect of the universe would you like to see explored? Let us know in the comments below!

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