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Civilization VI India

We all knew it was coming eventually, and now we know for sure. The newest reveal for Civilization VI is India, led by everyone's favorite nuclear missile man Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi was best known for his non-violent protests against the ruling British colonists, eventually managing to restore India's independence. His commitment to civil rights and bettering the lives of the Indian people inspired many people the world over and he is still seen today as a symbol for peace. While the real-world Gandhi might have been a force for good, the Gandhi in Civilization is mostly known for firing nuclear weaponry at any and all who come within his reach.

Gandhi's unique ability in Civilization VI is Satyagraha, named after Gandhi's self-developed method of nonviolent resistance he employed during his lifetime. In Civilization VI, this ability gives India a significant boost in faith for each civilization India has met, provided they've started a religion and aren't at war with you. This ability also gives opposing civs a happiness penalty if they are at war with India. 

India also has the Dharma ability which gives India all bonuses from follower beliefs present in their cities, not just those you get from your own religion, provided you started one. 

India's unique unit is the Varo war elephant. These enormous units reduce the combat strength of enemy units in adjacent tiles, making them the perfect addition to a defensive army. 

India's unique tile improvement is the stepwell. These massive wells were used as irrigation tanks to grow crops and were used by the people during times of elongated drought. In Civilization VI the stepwell gives bonus food if it's built next to a farm and bonus faith if you build it next to a holy site. 

India is definitely the civilization of choice for players that like to dominate the world through faith, using abilities that allow India to make use of some of the perks of other foreign religions. 

 What do you think of the Indian civ in Civilization VI? Let us know in the comment section below!

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