New Civilization VI Spotlight Shows off Greece

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Not even a week ago we got to know Norway and its leader Harald Hardrada. This week's Civilization VI spotlight sees us leaving the wild shores of the Viking lands and move to a decidedly warmer climate: Greece, led by Pericles. 


Pericles was a prominent Greek statesman who lived from 495 BC until 429 BC. The son of a politician, Pericles would later rise to a similar position within Greece's governmental body, ultimately rising to the very top of Greece's political circles and went on to define what we now call the "Age of Pericles". He was a great lover of art and literature and his rule made Athens the epicentre of education in the Greek empire. 

Pericles' ability is "Surrounded By Glory" and gives every city state you're allied with a bonus to their culture output. 

Greece's special ability is Plato's Republic. This means Greece gets an extra wildcard slot they can use, regardless of which government you choose. 

Greece's unique unit is the Hoplite. These ancient warriors were soldiers made up of the citizens of Greece towns and cities and usually received basic military training. This powerful unit gets a bonus when it's adjacent to another Hoplite unit. In past games, the Hoplite has replaced the Spearman unit, and will likely do the same in Civilization VI

Greece's unique tile improvement is the Acropolis and replaces the theater district in your cities. The Acropolis gets a boost in culture output if it's next to other districts and can only be constructed on a hill. 


Greece seems to be the perfect civ for players who like to achieve cultural victories. Their Hoplites are pretty strong early-game units that only get stronger if several units are right next to each other. Pericles' special ability can help you accumulate a large amount of culture you can use to further upgrade your empire. 

What do you think of the Greek civ and its leader Pericles? Let us know in the comment section down below!



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