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New Civilization VI Spotlight Shows off China

Published: July 19, 2016 2:20 PM



Just over a week ago we got introduced to the Japanese civ ruled by Hojo Tokimune, and we're staying in Asia a while longer to take a look at China and its leader Qin Shi Huang in Civilization VI!


Qin Shi Huang was a ruthless and smart military commander and ruler who started the Qin dynasty which ruled China for about 110 years. Qin Shi Huang invented the word 'Emperor' and was responsible for conquering and unifying China's warring states under one flag. His many reforms changed the country and its culture and he was responsible for connecting all the states' walls into one giant wall which has gone on to become known as the Great Wall of China. He also built the famous Terracotta Army, a life-sized army made up of clay statues.


China's special ability is called 'Dynastic Cycles' which nets the player extra bonuses Eureka and Inspiration events. China will also be able to make use of their builders for one turn more than other civs present in the game, which means you can out-build your enemies and get your empire up and running quicker. They can also use these builders to boost constructions on ancient and classical wonders. The reason why this gives them a clear advantage over other civs is that the way builders work in Civilization VI is vastly different from the system of the older titles. Every builder you produce has a limited number of improvements they can build before disappearing, so you'll have to make the most of each builder. China can use a builder one more time than other civs, which means that you'll be able to build tile improvements faster than other civs. 

China's unique unit is the Crouching Tiger Cannon. This weapon was invented around the 9th Century AD and was initially used for firework displays and the like. After a time it saw use in more military scenarios as well, becoming a mainstay in the Chinese army for about 150 years before becoming outdated. This unit can only be used in short-range and can be built without needing specific resources.


The aforementioned Great Wall of China will also be making a return in Civilization VI as a unique tile improvement that can be built by your builders. In early ages, the wall will grant additional gold and defense, with later ages benefitting from this wonder by granting you extra culture and tourism.

China is a wonder-based civilization with the added bonus of having strong early-game defenses that can be used to defend your empire from other civilizations.

What do you think of the China civ? Let us know in the comment section below!


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