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As we're edging forever closer to the October 21 release date, Firaxis Games have released yet another preview for Civilization VI. This time, we're introduced to Arabia led by none other than Saladin.

Saladin was born as An-Nasir Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub, and his list of accomplishments is even longer than his birth name. His keen military mind was one of the foremost reasons why the invading Western Crusaders were repelled, and he went on to become the first Sultan of Egypt and Syria and was known to be a generous ruler who gave away most of his personal wealth to his subjects. His achievements over the course of his life made him one of the most prominent figures in Arabian culture and to this day is regarded as the most famous Kurd in history.

Arabia's Special Ability is called 'The Last Prophet', which automatically gives Arabia a Great Prophet when the second to last prophet is claimed by another civ. This ability ensures that Arabia is capable of founding a religion for themselves, even if they haven't generated enough faith to do so on their own.


Arabia's Unique Unit is the Mamluk. These mounted knights were originally slave soldiers that rose to the position of Mamluk, a select group of knights which over time became its own military caste in Egypt. These knights became icons of the Arabian military and were clad in full heavy armor, down to the horse they rode on. This unit replaces the Knight unit and heals itself after every turn, even if it moved to a different tile or attacked an enemy unit. civilizationvi_arabia_madrasa

Arabia's Unique Building is the Madrasa, which is a type of educational institution where students usually came to study Islam. This building generates more science than the university and generates bonus faith if you build it next to a campus.

Saladin's Ability is 'Righteousness of the Faith', which allows Arabia to build their worship building for next to nothing and provides Arabia with bonuses to science, faith and culture.

Arabia is a civ that is mostly focused on taking advantage of religion. Their Unique Ability ensures that Arabia will always be able to found a religion, and Arabia's historic fondness for the sciences make them the perfect civ for players who want to gain the upper hand on other civs through technological advancement.

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