New Characters; Mystic Artes for Tales of Berseria Revealed

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Tales of Berseria Mystic Arts

Some new information for the upcoming RPG Tales of Berseria has been released.

The information, coming from the Tales of Blog, showcases two new, non-playable characters and the Mystic Arts for some of the members of your party. 

The two character, Shigure and Melchior, were previewed last week during our E3 coverage, which saw the two revealed thanks to Weekly Jump (via Gematsu) along with some costume pack DLC information. Bandai Namco decided to show off more of the two characters, giving full status information and a mini biography, to showcase their importance in the game.

Shigure Rangetsu, the brother of party companion Rokurou.
Shigure Rangetsu, the brother of party companion Rokurou.

The first character detailed for Tales of Berseria is Shigure Rangetsu. Shigure is a Legate from an organization known as The Abbey, who are a team of exorcists tasked to fight evil. His biography describes him as having a "freewheeling attitude" which is unappreciated by other exorcists, but his battle prowess, along with his unique fighting style, and his desire to find and fight tough opponents to challenge himself. 

Shigure is also the elder brother of one of the party companions, the swordsman Rokurou, and is the head of the Rangetsu family at 31 years old.

Melchior, a Legate elder found in Tales of Berseria.
Melchior, a Legate Elder found in Tales of Berseria.

The second character is Melchior, a Legate Elder and master alchemist for The Abbey. He is also the advisor to the head of The Abbey, the lead exorcist Artorius. Melchior's backstory is a bit more sinister, invoking a machiavellian ideal of "any means necessary" to ensure the success of the exorcists, even if it means doing something unpleasant to justify those actions. 

Melchior is also an arte-wielder, using a magical orb as his primary weapon. 

A third character is also quickly detailed, named Benwick. He is a young pirate who has a minor role in the game, being your access point to board and disembark on a pirate ship owned by the Aifread Pirates. 

The blog also shows off some new screenshots of other characters Mystic Artes in action. Mystic Artes are basically strong attacks that use the Blast Gauge, a meter that builds up over time while fighting enemies. A Mystic Arte is always accompanied by a visual cinematic for added effect. The article shows off some screenshots of three companions Mystic Artes Rokurou's  "From Zero: Void" (screen above), Magliou's "Ascending Angel" and Eizen's "Perfect Mayhem."

Currently, Tales of Berseria has a release date set for Japan, August 18th, but it is scheduled for a 2017 release in North America and Europe on the PlayStation 4 and PC. 

So what do you think about the new information on Tales of Berseria? Leave your comments below. 

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